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AL Solutions' 2020

AL Solutions’ 2020 in Numbers

AL Solutions had an unforgetful year in 2020. With the devastating pandemic hindering our progress, we came out on top and finished with a record-breaking quarter. See the numbers here!

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flexible working thumbnail

Got Flex Appeal?

Since the turn of the technological age, it’s never been easier to work remotely. So does your company have flex appeal? Sit back and take notes, because after reading this you’ll be able to pitch to your manager why flex appeal, is the real deal.

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The Hidden Cost of a Bad Hire

Find out the shocking truth of hiring a toxic employee, as we discover it’s more than just money that could be at stake, especially for small to medium-size businesses.

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Freelance Vs. Permanent Employment

As we enter 2020, the battle between freelance and permanent work rages on. To help you understand both sides of the coin, we explore the perspective of both employee and company, to evaluate which might better suit you.

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