Our why.

Breathing Life into Science

The ​future of human kind lies in the hands of science. It’s no mistake that AL Solution’s (AL₂S₃) chosen area is within the pharmaceutical industry. We understand that the future of medicine starts with today’s talent. So it’s become our mission to connect client and candidates across the globe through a seamless service. We find the people; you find the cure. 

AL Solutions network

Our How.

Keeping it niche

Our network is the heart and soul of our business. Rooted solely in the Biometrics and Clinical sectors, we are the only pharmaceutical agency that keeps its focus so refined. We meticulously qualify every candidate to ensure we obtain a holistic perspective of their skills, wants, and needs.

Niche market
Worldwide winning

worldwide winning

We don’t see borderlands as boundaries and have made the positive relocation of candidates a habit. The pharmaceutical industry has a global geographic reach so we accommodate by offering the finest Data Managers, SAS Programmers, Statisticians and Clinical Specialists from across the globe.

Our Clients.

Meet lifetime
talent, today!

Go the extra mile, extend your network and connect with otherwise unreachable talent across the globe.