What people say about us

What they say about our consultants:​

Alexander Antoniou

“I found Alexander to be very engaging, dependable and supportive. I was impressed with Alex’s attitude since the first time we got in touch; he was always helpful and reachable, providing me with invaluable advice’s. I had a highly pleasant and positive experience throughout our collaboration. Rest assured that his efficiency and guidance will help other candidates to find employment and I definitely would work with him again in the future. Thank you, Alexander.”

Via Data Scientist at Aptus Health

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Jack Kavanagh

“Jack is an exceptional professional and highly efficient. Unlike most consultants in his field that you might have worked with, he will closely monitor your career aspirations and make sure you receive the very best of the opportunities out there while your personal interests remain his priority. I cannot speak highly enough on his personalised approach and ethics. I really hope we will work together in the near future.”

Via Clinical Trials Data Team Lead at IQVIA

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Joshua Leggett

“With the help of Josh we were able to fill eight key positions within a short time. With continuous support, we have a clear competitive advantage and can strengthen our own market position. We look forward to further cooperation and the common path. Thank you for the great partnership, I am looking forward to our long-term collaboration.”

Via Chief Executive Officer at Invisio

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Izudin Bursic

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Izzy! He was very attentive and proactive with looking after my best interests, and played an integral part in getting my new role at IQVIA. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!”

Via Senior Data Team Lead at IQVIA

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