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Whether you’re a start-up organisation looking for junior level staff or a global company in need of board level appointments, AL Solutions will be able to offer a bespoke service tailored to your individual needs.  Our clients range in sizes and we recruit for the majority of Biotech, Pharmaceutical, CRO and Medical Device companies. These are our most frequently used services:


This service can be a quick and flexible solution for many different requirements.  Companies may require freelancers for a variety of reasons, here are some scenarios where freelancers may be beneficial.

If you would like to find out about the advantages/disadvantages of freelancing vs employment (candidates + employers) take a read of this article written by Alexander Antoniou

Freelance Vs Permanent


If you are currently searching for a CRO or a consultancy to assist you in driving your products through clinical development and to the market, our freelance offerings may be a more efficient and less expensive method for you. We can provide you with teams of consultants that will work, either from home or in your office, on an hourly paid basis. This will work like a consultancy; however, it may be more cost-effective, and you will be able to clearly see who is carrying out your work and assess their timelines and deliverables. You only pay for the hours they work. There is NO additional agency fee for using our freelance consultants.


If you are currently experiencing a peak in workload, freelancers may be the right solution for you. We can provide you with a freelancer (remotely or based in your office) to assist you during these busy periods. They can be short-term, long-term, full-time or part-time and can be completely flexible. You only pay for the hours they work. There is NO additional agency fee for using our freelance consultants.


Freelancers are always coming to the end of contracts and searching for new contracts and they always have shorter notice periods. This means that they can often be immediately available to come on board if you need a short-term solution for whilst you’re waiting for a permanent employee to start.
Other than the above, freelancers may be beneficial for various reasons. You may simply have headcount restrictions stopping you from hiring permanent staff – freelancers may be a great alternative.


This is the most traditional recruitment method that most companies are familiar with. With contingent recruitment, we will aim to put timelines in process with the client to ensure that both parties have the same expectations. Once we have received briefing on your company, objectives and the position, you will receive fully screened and qualified candidates through the following methods:


Here at AL Solutions, we solely focus within the Life Science Sector and therefore our team spend all of their time speaking with the best professionals in the industry. We therefore have immediate access to a large number of potential candidates through our internal database. This will be our first method of sourcing profiles. Once we have selected the relevant CVs, we will pre-interview candidates and screen them for your specific requirements. Once they have past our assessment and we feel they are suitable, we will provide you with their CV and details.


We have access to some of the most widely used and most effective Life Science job boards including EmedCareers, Jobs4DD, Pharmiweb, LinkedIn and our AL Solutions website which receives a significant amount of traffic. Our team are well trained and equipped within marketing and advertising enabling us to effectively put together a campaign that markets your specific organisation professionally to attract the top talent. This is a great way to source for candidates that are ‘actively seeking’ for new opportunities.


As previously mentioned, our team are constantly speaking to the best industry professionals about their careers and prospects. We offer up to €500 for a referral if successfully placed. Therefore, when speaking to our network, this is a great way to find out who they think might be a great fit for the position. This is an excellent way to reach a tier 2 network and to further search for potential candidates that may be difficult to find elsewhere.


Lastly, if the position requires unique skill sets or has very specific requirements, headhunting may be the next most effective method. If we still have not found candidates that we feel are good enough to send to our clients, this is the next method we would use. Our team are highly skilled headhunters and will spend a significant length of time scanning through LinkedIn and company directories to find the best individual for your vacancy. We will aim to create a list of these ‘passive’ candidates that are fit for the position and we will then begin to headhunt them. Again, if unsuccessful we will continue to ask for referrals.


A recruitment campaign is the top service that we offer. This is often used when recruiting for:

High level appointments
Niche skill sets
Specific industry professionals
Vacancies that have been proven difficult to fill

This service ties together all our recruitment services into one. We can allocate several resources and able to prioritise your vacancy above all other positions to ensure that you receive the most suitable candidate.

A Recruitment Campaign involves our team scanning through the market to assess who are the best individuals. We do not just aim to find who is available, we aim to find who is the best. We will research company structures by speaking to department heads to find out who is within their team and what their responsibilities are. We will then create a list of people to approach. At the end of the assignment, you will receive this list of people and we will send through a document that states why the candidate was rejected/accepted or why the candidate rejected/accepted the opportunity we presented to them. This will provide you with market insight and information after the assignment

To discuss any of these services or to hear more, please speak to one of our consultants.