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Here at AL Solutions we are not here just to submit a CV. We are here to help build you the right CV to attract the right company.

Each CV we send to our clients all follow the same process/format to ensure it’s easy on the eye and simple to follow. Less detail is sometimes better, so 2-3 pages is plenty.


  • Personal profile
  • Major achievements
  • Key skills and technical skills
  • Employment history
  • Industry certifications
  • Education
  • 2-3 references

FREE cv feedback

Send us your CV and one of our specialist, trained consultants will provide you with FREE feedback and advice on how to improve it!


Never overdo your CV as potential employers are full of questions and will always go in-depth when at interview stage. With this, you need to be 100% sure that what you have listed is well in reach of what you can do and not over fabricated.

Make sure your CV includes the “Buzz words” for the job you are applying for, but again be very mindful of what you list.

When listing your technical abilities, it’s always helpful to explain what you have done with that particular technology and how many times. Was it just a small implantation once or was it a complete design from start to finish, maybe it was just the general day to day troubleshooting. Making it clear on your CV gives your future employer a good idea of what you can do.

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